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The Office of Public Health Practice is expanding its activities to international settings.


In September 2007, the Regents of the University of Michigan and the Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention in China formally agreed to a scholar exchange program coordinated by the Office of Public Health Practice.  The agreement provides opportunities for SPH faculty to conduct research with the Tianjin CDC and students to participate in field experiences in China through CSEP.



Office of Public Health Practice Opens Satellite Office at Tianjin CDC

In May 2008, the Tianjin CDC officially dedicated office space to the UM SPH Office of Public Health Practice. Read the news release. UM SPH dedicated space within the Practice Office for the Tianjin CDC in January 2009.

Physician Scholar Exchange

  • Julie Vaishampayan, MD, MPH became the first Preventive Medicine Resident to complete a three month rotation at the Tianjin CDC. Dr. Vaishampayan participated in disease outbreak investigations. Read her blog. 
  • The Office of Public Health Practice welcomed two physicians from the Tianjin CDC on January 9, 2008.  Dr. Guohong Jiang, Director of the Institute for Non-Communicable Disease Control and Dr. Wenti Xu, Medical Epidemiologist in the Department on Infectious Disease spent three months studying and completing research in the Practice Office.
  • Pamela Hackert, MD, MPH completed a health policy rotation at Tianjin CDC
  • Four scholars from the Tianjin CDC, Dr. Fengshan Wang, Dr. Tong Xie, Dr. Weishen Wu, and Dr. Jieying Yin, participated in academic courses and research at the School of Public Health January-April, 2009.
  • Parvathy Pillai, MD, MPH completed a three-month rotation at Tianjin CDC in 2009. Her research focused on infectious diseases, including measles.
  • Four Tianjin CDC scholars, Dr. Hongliang Liu, Dr. Wenglong Zhang, Dr. Du Ying, and Dr. Li Lin, are visiting UMSPH from September-November 2009 to participate in research and academic courses.

Student Field Experiences

  • Five Practice Office advisors led a group of thirty SPH students to the Tianjin CDC over spring break 2008 as part of a Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) deployment.  PHAST participated in projects related to health education, maternal and child health, environmental health, and outbreak investigation.
  • Three SPH students were selected for summer internships at the Tianjin CDC sponsored by the Office of Public Health Practice.
  • Twelve PHAST students visited the Tianjin CDC over spring break 2009.
  • Two SPH students will complete summer internships at the Tianjin CDC in 2009.
  • One SPH student completed a summer internship at the Tianjin CDC in 2009.

Faculty Research Collaborations

The Practice Office is developing a mechanism for UM SPH faculty to work with Tianjin CDC officials on various research projects of public health importance.

Faculty and Staff

Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH
Director, International Practice Programs

Angela Beck, MPH, CHES
Program Manager

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Matthew Boulton (center) signing an international scholar exchange agreement in 2007 with (right) Dr. Xiexiu Wang, Director General of the Tianjin CDC-China and also a Senior Advisor on Tuberculosis to the WHO and (left) Dr. Jianli Kan, Director of Epidemiology for the National China CDC in Beijing.

Read about PHAST deployments to the Tianjin CDC in SPH's Findings.


Dr. Vaishampayan completed a three month rotation at the Tianjin CDC in 2007. Read her blog.


Four Tianjin CDC scholars visited SPH Jan-April, 2009. From left:
Jieying Tin, Fengshan Wang, Weishen Wu, Tong Xie


Three Tianjin CDC scholars visit SPH Sep-Nov, 2009. Drs. Hongliang Liu, Wenlong Zheng, Du Ying, Lin Li