"Strengthening Advocacy and Awareness"

The Office of Public Health Practice, with support from the Michigan Public Health Training Center, is offering a training session August 15, 2013, at the National Association of Local Boards of Health 21st Annual Conference.

The session titled “Strengthening Advocacy and Awareness” seeks to provide an opportunity to learn about advocacy campaigns that promote public health awareness and policy change toward community health improvement. Associate Dean Phyllis D. Meadows, PhD, MSN and Rebecca A. Head, PhD, MS, have brought together a panel made up of local public health experts and advocates to present on strengthening policy and advocacy strategies applied within a district (multi-county) local health department area and within the State of Michigan, to promote policy development. National models will also be presented as well as examples of effective planning, application and subsequent outcomes where efforts have enhanced the public health of communities. In addition to Drs. Meadows and Head, panel members included Linda VanGills, Health Officer for District Health Department #10 (MI), Shelley Pinkelman, Board of Health, Board of Commissioners, County of Crawford, MI, and Meghan Swain, Executive Director of the Michigan Association for Local Public Health.

More information about the NALBOH Conference, August 14-16, 2013, at Salt Lake City, UT, is available on their website.

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